Review: Legit? Ukrkovry Scam

You made the right decision by searching for the Ukrkovry reviews because it is a fake site but not the real one. Now you may want to know what is in real and why is a Ukrkovry scam, right? Ukrkovry is a scam simply because of the following reasons:-

# It has provided its email address as CUSTOMERSERVICE.CXQ001@GMAIL.COM which is an email address belongs to multiple scam sites. So, this one reason is enough to prove that it is a scam site run and operated by the serial scammer who has multiple similar kinds of scam sites. (NOTE: At the time of review, it has provided its email address as CUSTOMERSERVICE.CXQ001@GMAIL.COM, but it may change its email address in the future because similar kinds of sites have changed their email address multiple times. The previous email addresses belong to these scam sites were SUZANNEKLUMB156@GMAIL.COM, ALICE@PAYMENTVIPSERVICE.COM, SUPPORT@OXBORDER.COM, SERVICE1@AIPECK.COM, TOPCUSTOMERSERVICE088@HOTMAIL.COM,, and email addresses.)

Complaints for Ukrkovry fake or real Ukrkovry legit or fraudnbsp- Scaaminfo

# Not only the email address but lots of contents provided on its website match with multiple scam sites such as Shidiaoc, Dibatiky, Koziolexj, Beulysj, and so on.

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